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Services Provided
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If your PC is not working, it is obvious and your  choices are relatively
simple.  If it is important to have it working, you fix it or find someone who
can.  Fixing it, however,  can be a VERY complicated process, not to
mention expensive.  More on this later.

What is not so obvious may be more of a problem than a non-working
system.  If your PC has become infected with a PC Virus, the only
symptom you might notice is slower response.  Other signs could be a lot
of hard disk activity and/or a lot of traffic to/from the Internet.  Worst case,
you have a PC that does nothing.

Unfortunately, the impact of some of the thousands of  "mal-ware"
infections coming from web sites and malicious email can be very
serious.  While many are merely nuisance items,  to the casual user it is
difficult to determine what is wrong, let alone how to make your PC
healthy again.

In a perfect world we would not need fire walls and anti-virus / spy ware
protection or an Operating System that requires security fixes on a weekly
basis.  In the real world we need MORE than those tools, because the
threat changes and increases faster than the protection.

The good news is, A PC is an amazing and complicated device.  
Connected to a broadband Internet connection (cable or DSL) it provides
not only access to a wealth of information and entertainment, but the
processing power to analyze, manipulate, and store an enormous
amount of results in your own computer.

The bad news is, A PC is an amazing and complicated device, emphasis
on complicated.  And when something is not working, who do you call?  
You think you might have a Windows problem, so you call Microsoft.  If you
brought the computer from Dell, Microsoft tells you to call Dell.  You call
Dell and get someone (eventually) that you may have trouble
understanding.  Even if Dell helps you determine you have a hardware
problem, and you still have a warranty, and maybe you even paid for
on-site repairs, and the technician shows up and replaces your hard drive
with a new one, then he/she leaves and you still have a broken system
because the warranty does NOT include restoring any information on the
new hard drive.

I will end this story here.  
If you are totally confused about the buzzwords used or would just like to
know more, feel free to use the Contact Us link above.  Or you can email  
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