About Our Business
My First Computer!
Employers over the years
United States Air Force (Hawaii)
Merchants National Bank (Indy)
Detroit Diesel Allison (Indy)
Indiana National Bank (Indy)
KnowledgeWare Software (California)
Northwest Natural (Oregon)
Seagull Software (California)
Seagull Software (Georgia)
Recent Feedback
I would like to thank you fore the help
you have given me with my PC
security issues. Your advice was right
on track and saved me a lot of time
and probably money. Having known
you for 35 years I wish you well with
your business and I would
recommend to anyone to use your
services. Your integrity and PC
knowledge is the very best.
Bob Fall, Indianapolis
My Mission (Overview)
  • To help consumers and small
    businesses deal with the complex
    technologies they must confront
    and use everyday.
  • To provide knowledge advice
    BEFORE purchase.
  • To Provide installation
    maintenance, and upgrade support
  • Trouble-shoot problems and
    recommend corrective actions
  • Implement fixes when requested
  • Central Indiana location
  • Network of Consultants in
    multiple states
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Reduced rates for home
Business Philosophy
Every client will be given the best
possible service I can provide. I will
treat your property with care, and
will only suggest solutions that
match your needs and budget. If I
am not the right person for your
project, I will help you locate the
appropriate resource.
I met my first computer in 1966 in a military
facility in Hawaii and started a long career.  
computer filled a whole room, consumed an
enormous amount of electricity and
air-conditioning, and required a very large staff
of operators, programmers, repair technicians
and, of course, managers.

That multi-million dollar computer with a
building full of support staff was just a tiny (in
capability) children's toy compared to the Dell
PC I am using to create this web page.

I have operated, programmed, and managed
many large data centers over the years
including a bank in Indianapolis, a bank in
Michigan and a Natural Gas Utility in Oregon.

I have managed software development for two
Software companies with responsibility for
in multiple cities and in Europe.

Bottom line?  When it comes to making
computer technology work, whether for a large
enterprise or at home, I have really "Been
Done that"  to borrow an old Australian

My last employer, a Netherlands based
Software company, moved all it's software
development from the United States back to
Europe, so I had the wonderful opportunity to
move back home to Indiana.  

Now I am offering my expertise to solve your
problems.  If you have a technology challenge,
please call.  I would love to help.

Chuck Beyer
Recent Specific Services
  • Design, build, install, Web Site
  • DNS record management for multiple
  • Install Peachtree Accounting 2009
  • Testing Microsoft Home Server (beta)
  • Build server, install Microsoft Home Server
  • Install DSL, home network
  • Find and remove Virus/Trojan infections
  • Install all missing security fixes, add Virus
    and Spyware protection
  • Install hardware and software firewalls
  • Upgrade OS to Windows Vista
  • Move data files and personal profile
    information from old to new PC
  • Configure, purchase, and install new PC
  • Fix old PC, order new PC, setup wire &
    wireless network for both
  • Replace motherboard, CPU, memory,
    power supply, modem
  • Find used parts on ebay to lower repair
    costs for older machines
  • Support for Peachtree Accounting System
    (Sage Software)
  • Install wide-screen high-definition Home
    Theatre system