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  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Web Sites Built
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Chuck Beyer
Secure your wireless router to
protect your house and family from
your local POLICE department.
Actually since Vista was released in
2007, the answer is NO.
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Tim Hawkins
The Government Can
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If you dislike
Buying overpriced cables for
practically everything (TV, PC's,
Networks, Fiber Optic, etc.) I
found the solution.
Need a custom cable? Same
Click for Ageless Wit &
Suspicious file? Click on
VirScan to check.
God Bless America!
Protect your Hard Drive!
When it fails (and it WILL fail some
day) your PC becomes a door stop,
and all your work (for years?) is
  1. BACKUP your data!
  2. Read this article
Paul's Online Video Jukebox
by Paul Chester
Great music 40's through 70's
London at night.
19 photos, VERY good.
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"Thank you so much for your
thoughtfulness, time of repairs,
quickness, patience and explaining
the workings of the Computer."
Paul Arnes, Plainfield
Are Macs safer than PCs?
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